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Apple’s latest iPhone 8 range, including the utterly mouth-watering iPhone X, consists of one of the finest Smartphones available around the world, but obviously it is out of reach for many. Owing to this, the company’s previous models including the iPhone 6 and 6S have become valuable for all those who are iPhone fanatics. The iPhone 6S can be bought from Apple, but iPhone 6 isn’t officially available, yet can be bought from Amazon in very low rates. Coming to the iPhone 6, it was initially launched in 2014, and was termed as the company’s first ‘big’ iPhone. Though, the generations have been introduced after this Smartphone, but the foundation of the greatest iPhones of all time was laid by this phone. Moreover, the design of iPhone 6 is consistent with the iPhone 8. So, it means that, even if you are unable to buy the 8 range, you can satisfy your craving with this one. The phone comes in two screen size options, 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch, with the latter being named as iPhone 6 Plus. Out of the two available options, the iPhone 6, is the one that works best and has functionality better than the other. 

The iPhone 6 perfectly fits in the hands, without becoming uncomfortable to hold and slippery. Moreover, with this Smartphone, Apple moved to the rounded edges for the very first time. Needless to say, it was a very positive change. The larger onscreen keys also make it easier to type, and for satnav, you get a slightly better experience while navigating in your car. Another good thing about the screen size and the handset size is that for those who don’t like the size of the phone can double-tap on the home button to slide down the screen. It gives you a single-handed access to the icons, buttons, address menus located in the top half of the screen. However, it is safe to say that nobody would want to use the option, as the Smartphone is pretty easy to use the other way.  

Not just the size, but with the iPhone 6, Apple also introduced a couple of other noticeable physical changes. The power button was moved to the side from the top edge, marking a distinction in iPhone among the others. The volume buttons were converted into a long and sleek design, change from the round that the users were accustomed to. This was a positive change, as both the sleek options make the iPhone easier to use. The pair of speakers on the bottom edge was also replaced by a single speaker grille. To all those people who initially doubted that phone repairs Melbourne would be difficult were relaxed to know that the reliable repair places like iPhone 6 screen repair Melbourne were sufficient for any damages. The industrial design of the phone is not only sleek, but was accompanied by a lot of upgrades to the hardware.  

Apple not just increased the size of the screen to appease the users, but also boosted the resolution to 750 x 1,344, giving it a pixel density of 327ppi. The pin-sharp brightness, contrast and colour accuracy are all exemplary considering the year and with the changes it was introduced. Though we are just discussing the design here, but behind the screen, this phone had many dramatic changes that further ensured us, Apple is here to make a big difference. The battery life of iPhone 6 is still excellent, even after the notorious iOS updates. Even after the continuous and long use, iPhone 6 is still one of the best iPhones out there in terms of batter timing. 

iPhone has proved its worth from time and again, there is no doubt about that. Though the Apple journey began with the first iPhone, but iPhone 6 in itself set a lot of benchmarks for the competitor and even its own ranges to come. We are not assuming, but are saying on the base of research that iPhone 6 is one of the most reliable iPhones. So, if you are tight on budget, and still want an iPhone, you know which phone to buy. Light on the pocket, and easy on features too. Definitely, a good buy!