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Arranging a party for kids and adults both is not an easy feat. You have to make the necessary arrangements to ensure that kids must have fun and adults could have their own entertainment simultaneously. Generally, when kids are done with eating, they need something to get themselves busy with else they get bored quite easily and roam around the place with the fair possibility of bothering the adults.

Considering this, it is important to have such activities and games in your event where kids could stay happily engaged for longer. And, when it comes to games and fun for kids then what could be the best option other than the jumping castle of their favourite characters? There are many companies in Australia which have been providing inflatable castles for parties and events. However, there are certain things that you should see before hiring one for your event, such as:

Brainstorm The Event

The first thing you should do is to decide when is the event, when you would be needing the castle, who will be the attendees and of what age group? Then come the event place and its dimensions to help your vendor assess about the size of the castle and the placement of its supporting equipment e.g. blower and anchors.

Search Online

The second step is to check online for nearby vendors of jumping castles Sydney. It is best to opt out for those who are located in the proximity of event location. But even then you will have to assess them for quality services and products; therefore, never compromise on those factors for a nearby vendor. You can also ask your friends and relatives to suggest you some appropriate vendors. Make a list of at least three vendors by doing this.

Reputable Vendor

Always choose that vendor who has public insurance coverage and has been providing safe equipment and inflatable castles in Australia for the events. The longer a vendor is in the active business, the better it is to help you in decision making.

Assess The Location

A good vendor always sends an inspection team to have a look at the location where jumping castle is to be placed as there are certain conditions which must be met for a secure and proper placement i.e. ground should be flat and spacious, anchors and blowers must be placed at a safe place where no kid could reach, path to the castle should be free of hindrances.


Though weather plays a key role in the outdoor events and on the decision of installing the castle at the event or not. Therefore, do check out the weather updates for the event day and secondly and also make sure your vendor has been providing rain cover, a secure wiring system which would not trip, a spare electricity source i.e. could be a generator. All these things help a lot during the unforeseen weather conditions.


A good vendor also sends a team or a supervisor to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the jumping castles in an event. The role of a supervisor is to define the limits of kids who could enter the castle at the same time, control their unruly behavior, to ensure everything is properly placed, look out for the belongings of kids at times as well, to name a few. Footy Jumping Castle has been providing top notch facility with the team of experts in the business of inflatable jumping castles in Sydney and its surrounding. They are not only engaged in large-scale events across the territory but also have specialized services for the non-commercial event with a public insurance coverage of more than $20,000,000.

Price Comparisons

The last thing to help you choose a vendor is to compare the price quotes of your shortlisted three vendors. Usually, the castles are not that expensive but with the variety of characters and size preferences, prices could vary. Hence, it is best to compare and decide on the price beforehand. Always get the final quoted price from the chosen vendor in writing so later on you could save yourself from unnecessary surcharges.

With all things in place, it is safe to say that you would be able to make a good decision based on the tips mentioned above. However, one thing you should not ignore is the taste and choice of the kids especially when it comes to characters and the variety given for the jumping castle. Let them have the final say as it is for them. However, you can take care of the other concerned things. Footy Jumping Castle has a wide variety of character choices as per the size requirements of jumping castles in Sydney which is another plus for you to ensure the entertainment of kids at the event.