How market umbrellas can benefit your business?

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A business is not all about quality. There are lots of such things that combine to make any business prosper. Let’s assumes that you have made an amazing quality of product but you are not marketing it then how would a commoner know about the existence of a particular product. Besides that; there are other factors as well which helps in prospering of a business like a good ambience, aesthetically appealing, etc. The eateries where there is sitting arrangement indoors as well as outdoors have more customers as compared to the ones whose whole setup is limited to the indoors. It is maybe because people sometimes like to enjoy eating in an outside environment while appreciating the weather. There are various ways to organize an outside set up. One such way of having a proper outdoor sitting arrangement is by installing huge marketing umbrellas. In this article; we will be discussing about the fact that how market umbrellas in Melbourne can benefit your business.  

13 foot market umbrella: 

Market umbrellas are not like regular umbrellas except for their shape. These umbrellas have one large pole at the centre and the huge canopy in umbrella covers a specific circumference depending upon the size of the canopy. The size of these marketing umbrellas might vary from six feet to thirteen feet. The function of such umbrellas is to provide shelter and to protect people under its shade from direct sunlight and rainfall. These umbrellas can also be used to market a particular brand or company. 

How market umbrellas can benefit your business? 

Market umbrellas definitely play an important role in boosting your business especially if you own a cafe or a restaurant. People often like to sit and eat in outdoor places when the weather is pleasant. In such cases; the cafes that have outdoor sitting are way more crowded than the ones whose sitting arrangement is limited to the indoors only. In addition to that; the set up of these beautiful canopies or umbrellas improves the aesthetic sense of the place as well. They give an impression of a soothing ambience. Moreover; you can get customised umbrellas as well to market a particular brand or company. 

Types of Marketing Umbrellas: 

Marketing umbrellas can be divided into various types depending upon their design, shape and size. These umbrellas might vary from tilting ones to the patio umbrellas and from sail umbrellas to LED ones. Similarly; they are available in various sizes including 6ft, 10, ft, 13ft and so on. 

Places where market umbrellas can be installed: 

The market or patio umbrellas can be installed in various places. You can place them in street food markets, outside cafes or book stores. They prove to be quite useful in beaches as well. You can get them in any size depending upon the area you want to be covered or provide the shelter for


Many stores are selling market umbrellas but you need to confirm that which place sells the better quality of these canopies. They shall not only be eye pleasing but must also be of good quality so that it will be able to withstand extreme weather conditions like scorching heat or heavy rain fall. The “Awnet” store in Australia provides the best quality of marketing umbrellas in various shapes and sizes. There are tilting umbrellas, offset umbrellas, commercial umbrellas an o many other such types. There also are barriers systems with customised logo on so you can give a complete look to your cafe.  


Marketing umbrellas is the best way to kill two birds with one stone because they not only promotes a particular brand but also serves as a great shelter. Marketing umbrellas are huge sized umbrellas with one large pole in the centre. These umbrellas provide shelter and boost the whole outlook of the place as well. You can get them in various sizes differing from 6 feet to 13 foot market umbrella. The “Awnet” store is known for selling the best quality of marketing umbrellas as well as barrier systems. These products can be placed in various places like beaches, outside cafes, food streets, etc. 

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