Different types of Butcher Knife Set

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Thinking of a butcher knife we always visualize a man with a long chef hat chopping off meat loaf in the kitchen but surprisingly that is not the only knife required by a butcher to do his job but there are a series of multiple types of knives sharped enough to enjoy the skill of cutting, chopping, dicing, and slicing anything for all these multiple tasks there are a variety of different butcher knives that constitutes a full butcher knives set. Let’s look into each one by one. 

The Cleaver 

The most common knife that is used in every household is said to be the cleaver knife. It resembles the actual butcher knife you see at the butcher shop but extremely light and thin as compared to the former one. This knife is used for the same purpose but for a more defined and precise cutting, they have a long and sharp wide blade to get things done more easily and smoothly. Usually cleavers are lighter in weight but the one called Furi Pro is heavy weight knife with a thickness of around 16.5cm to handle tough joints and thick meat parts. 

The Old-style Butcher Knife 

This knife looks exactly like the cleaver but it really is not. If you have knowledge about knifes and are interested to know about the difference between each knife you will get to know that this knife is slightly curved at the edge of the blade on top and is used for fine cuts through the entire meat skin, Any type of cut on meat can be easily done by this knife that is why it is also called an all-rounder knife. It has oval shaped curves just like dimples along the blade which reduces friction by forming air pockets between the meat and knife when cutting through it and also prevents food from sticking to the knife. 

The Boning Knife 

As the name suggests the boning knife is used to make sharp and smooth cuts around the bone area. A semi-flexible knife is rather ideal for working around the bones to cut off the flesh around the bone by bending, this is a thin knife for trimming and slicing of the meat

The Skinning Knife 

The names of the knives tells the purpose of it. Perfect for a butcher knives set. The skinning knife is used to take off the skin of the meat and animals after slaughtering. Mostly these knives are great as a hunting tool and have a blunt blade to avoid holes in the skin while gutting animals. Those who have a passion for hunting mostly keep this knife for cutting meat of deer, moose, cow or goat. 

The Cemetery Knife 

The Climeter also called scimitar knife has a very wide and heavy blade prevents the meat from falling apart while slicing. It is a rather latest version of a butcher’s knife with a longer and more curved appearance to cut bigger pieces into smaller ones. A great example of this knife is The Mercer Culinary M13612. The structures has a sharp tip with a sleek and curved blade to slice steaks and thicker pieces of meat conveniently with a pointed edge to make deep cuts into the entire piece with a smooth motion.  

The Steak Knife 

Steak knives are straight, either toothed or semi-toothed. Most elegant table knives are steak knives, and you will find them at every table of the restaurant used to cut cooked chicken, beef, or mutton pieces. Steaks are eaten in the best way when eaten with these knives. Semi or non-toothed knives have to be sharpened regularly while serrated knives stay sharp for a longer period of time. Wusth of Classic Steak Knife is a German made 12cm wide knife and very efficient to cut beef and any other type of meet with a smooth gliding motion. It provides a great balance with its strengthened and composed shape and structure with a wide sleek blade and smoothly gripped handle to make sharp and deep cuts without tearing the meat into pieces.  

Using each knife will give you a special and unique experience and will provide you with qualities and specifications of each knife. Order today our best-selling Stanley Rogers cutlery set and enjoy the cooking experience with great cutting skills. 

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