Month: September 2020

Education is the most significant journey of your life. This journey is glorified by a fine stay. A student’s productivity enhances multifield when he tries to study in a peaceful environment. Students go to university from their homes, but in most of the instances, accommodation is provided. The universities do a partnership with different accommodation provider agencies to facilitate the students.  

Campus Living Village has facilitated several universities in different countries. Beholding the 40,000 beds across New Zealand, Australia, the US, and the UK. Ranking as the international specialist for providing quality accommodation to students, we have established our agency as the top provider of exciting student communities, and quality facilitates, whilst serving the six countries. We have been working since 2003.  We are trying to grow our horizons since then. With the partnership of universities, CLV is covering the campuses for student housing in Sydney.  

Mission and Policies 

CLV is truly invested to serve the universities and other educational institutions, to gratify the student exposure. The benchmark of their dedication and offering to facilities rank CLV as globally recognised and trusted students’ accommodation. We believe to offer accommodation that is more than a bed and four walls, so we decide to personalise the student’s experience, and made it worth remembering. With us, you will not only find accommodation but opportunities and programs you will not find anywhere else. 

Philosophy of Partnership 

The work has a ground of philosophy. Say farewell to mass-produced, generic, and uniformed. Working on-campus projects, we offer a tailored experience that allows university campuses to facilitate the quality accommodation perfectly tailored for their unique demographic. We support the young generation with a friendly and home-like environment, where they can grow academically, socially, and personally. This significant stage in their development leads towards the most positive change and gifted experience of their adult life. 

We understand the needs and complexities of students. Meanwhile, we try to fortify our partnership with universities. We provide international student accommodation. CLV understands your homesickness, thus try to provide you the enhanced experience. 

Student Housing 

We take pride in offering and backing up the students by providing multiple facilitates. We help students to start their life, encouraging talent, sustainable practices, staff, visitors, and supportive residents. We behold a talented board and management team. The environment endorses social responsibility. We believe in backing up the community. As a dedicated business to support young adults and students. We picture ourselves as bigger than merely the accommodation provider. Encouraging and supporting charity, supportive environment, and impact on people. CLV believes in charity sustainability, Partnerships, safety, and security of the students. 

Why is to Elect! 

We are a business that is more into providing basic facilitates to international students. Other than offering unsw students accommodation, we strive to offer prime services. CLV undertakes the needs of students and does its best for offering these all. That is the reason for us being ranked as a student’s calls. 

This place is not just a room and walls. Living away from your home is not easy but a daunting task. You need constant pampering care in an environment, where you may grow. We take the responsibility to endorse all the ideas of sustainability. CLV offers you the perks to stand out best in your network. The social growth and charity experiences make it easy for you to interact thus giving you an opportunity of expanding your network horizons. Always remember your network is your worth. Try to build and fortify the bond with students. 


We are clear about our goals and missions. CLV never compromises on its terms with universities. The student housing is facilitated at extremely competitive prices. Thus, you need not worry about it. We score the students more than the prices. 

Come and trust us for your stay. We provide opportunities and introduce you to the programs, where you can learn and grow better. What else you could ask for? Not all the campus associated accommodations will be covering these perks. We care for you and strive to make this experience memorable. Choose us today, say the first hello, visit and then decide better for yourself. Enjoy the stay here. 

The stonework was most common in the past era. In the present time, the value of stonework becomes lesser as compare to the past. But, still, grave headstones are made from the stonework. Stonework has to increase the beauty of the grave. Many people design special headstones for their loved ones. Headstones have different colours and shapes. With different designs, they enhance the beauty of the graveyard. 

Headstones and different types: 

  • Headstones have different kinds and shapes according to the wishes of people. Some commonly used headstones are: 
  • Granite headstone is using for thousands of years to make headstones. This stone has a stain-resistant quality. Moreover, memorial stones remain long-lasting on a grave. That is why granite stones are a good choice for that work. 
  • Rock stones are also a good choice to put any memorial note. Many people use rock stone to highlight any important note about anything. Rock stones are used in museums, graveyards and sometimes outside of any building like a church. 
  • Marble stones give elegant look to any headstone. Due to colour and shape of marble, this is widely used in making memorials, headstones, and any other slight for common people. 

Stonework advantages: 

Natural stonework has several advantages. In stonework simply a stone is cut down into a beautiful and elegant look. These cuts enhance the beauty of natural stone and convert it into a durable and elegant style.  Natural stones have diverse styles and colours. Due to unique designs of natural stones; a variety of elegant styles can be made. Natural stoneworks have demand in Australia. Especially stonework repair Melbourne has its importance. Especially stonemason Melbourne provides high quality of stonework. Natural Stones can easily clean. Many famous places in the world are also made from natural stones. 

Orthodox candle box: 

Orthodox candle box places in the graveyard with a candle for forty days after the death of anyone. This orthodox candle is made from any kind of material that can hold the candle easily. An orthodox candle box is a sign of traditional and religious for christens. Stonework repair in Melbourne is also famous for making a stone orthodox candle box. In Australia, stonemason Melbourne is making a high-quality orthodox candle box. With the help of these boxes, a candle can easily be seen from a distant place. Moreover, in any dusty, stormy, or rainy weather; the candle does not blow out. 

Features of stoneworks: 

  • Stoneworks can look perfect in the house and property entrance.  
  • Stoneworks also look perfect as a memorial on a graveyard. Granite stones remain long-lasting on a grave. Due to its durable quality and elegant colours, most of the time people love to choose this stone. 
  • Wooden fire ovens are also made from this stonework. In Australia, Stonework repair Melbourne becomes a common art. Many people now using this art not just on memorials of a grave, but walls and other notes are also made by this stonework. 
  • Shrines and other places using stone works. Despite other work, stone works are more durable than others. 
  • High-quality stonework now becomes common. 

Stoneworks are more adorable than other work: 

Repair of church and other religious places stonework now becomes common. Many people from different religions are now using stonework to give holy places an adorable look. Stonemason Melbourne has now become more common and busy. Stonework repair Melbourne is providing high-quality service to the people of Australia. Many religious places like churches are now commonly using stonework. 

War memories and stonework: 

It is a common prospect that stonework is mostly used in making the graveyard memorial. Many war and other memories are also written on the stonework. In Australia, Stonework repair Melbourne or Stonemason Melbourne is most commonly used in Melbourne. Now people take stonework as a sign of durable and long-lasting work. The stonework is most commonly using in mentioning war dates in museums. 

Stonework and durability: 

The stonework is more durable than glass work. Stones are more long lasting than any other material. An iron has a chance of rusting and a glass has the chance of broken. But stones never rust nor break easily. A Stonework repair Melbourne or Stone mason based in Melbourne is now commonly used by Melbourne. Stonework now commonly uses in for different purposes. Due to its quality and durability stonework is unbeatable in the market by other materials. Stones are natural and nature is unable to beat by anyone.